Princeton Pioneer Cemetery Gravestones

Princeton, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota T36N-R26W, Section 28


This cemetery is located at the intersection of 11th Street North and 5th Avenue North in Princeton. The cemetery is owned by the city of Princeton and has not had any burials in a number of years. The list of marked burials on this page was taken from a list that was given to the city of Princeton.


Portions of this cemetery were excavated during a road reconstruction project between 1998 and 1999. Per the Louks Project Report 99505, created for the Minnesota Office of the State Archaeologist, titled Archealogical Monitoring and Feature Salvage at the Princeton Pioneer Cemetery (21ML76), City of Princeton, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota:


use of the cemetery appears to have extended from the mid-19th century into the first half of the 20th century.


human remains were encountered in July 1999 by a construction crew working on a storm sewer line under 11th street. This area borders the Pioneer Cemetery on the south. It is within the original, informal limits of the cemetery as documented through oral history interviews, which apparently extended south to the bank of the Rum River prior to construction of the street and the City Maintenance Building. One informant reported that settlers in the area encountered graves in their cultivated fields, and reburied the bodies in the area northeast of 11th Street and 5th Avenue now marked by the cemetery sign.


all of the human remains and artifacts recovered in 1998 and 1999 were turned over to the Office of the State Archaeologist for reburial.


?, Mother

21 October

Bandemer, Carl

22 February 1841 17 April 1922

Bergmann, Peter

Died 6 October 1897, after 66 (?) years 10

Brandemer, Agusta

17 January 1851 16 December 1909

Burnham, Charles E.

Dies 11 April 1872, aged 5 years, child of H.F. and M.E. Burnham

Burnham, Emma J.

Died 10 April 1872, aged 4 years, child of H.F. and M.E. Burnham

Burnham, Mary E.

31 August 1896, aged 55 years, wife of H.F. Burnham

Cordes, Henry

1834 1908

Cordes, Ruth M.

3 January 1901 April 1910

Hatch, S.D.

15 July 186? 20 July 1861

Hilton, Rachel

Died 23 February 1870, aged ? 2 months, wife of H. Hilton

Kordes, H.

30 January 1889 13 Daz 1893, after 54 (?) years 10 (?) 3 days

Lentz, Hulda F.

1890 1921

Lieske, Mathias

21 August 1821 3 February 1907

Liskey, Louis

Co. K 1 Neb Cav

Lustig, Florian

11 April 1862 8 April 1899, after 30 years 11 months 28 days

Schlee, Ida

16 October 1892 30 January 1901

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